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Executive Committee 2024

General Chair

Kellie Terhune Neely

Vice Chair

Dawn Darling

Active Guards

Adaline Klemmedson
Vickie Butler
Kristie Stevens

Angel Ball Chair

Nanci Berens

Capital Campaign/

Tana Lopez

Chair Elect

Vicky Curtis

Communications Chair

Valerie Fanelli

Events Chair

Betty Jo Weaver


Laura Buckelew

Membership Liaison

Paige Cogdall

Operations Chair

Cathy Solverson

Past Chair

Jeannie Nguyen

Recording Secretary

Christine Turner

Solicitations Chair

Mary Coelet


Gracie Quiroz-Marum

Vice Chair Elect

Betty Jo Weaver

Founding Chairman & Guardian Angel Emeritus

Louise Thomas

Guardian Angel Emeritus

Cheryl Cox

Board of Directors

Assistant Treasurer

Karla Looby

Ball Coordinator

Jennifer Nyman

Casino Gifts Chair

Misty Arnold

Chance Tickets Chair

Anna Martinez-Ross

Charity Selection Chair

Kristie Stevens

Cherub Liaison

Dorene Niichel

Corresponding Secretary

Cindy Robertson


Lia Keller

Guardian Council Chair

Jeanne Silverberg

Immediate Past Treasurer

Kelly Medvec

Nominating Chair

Jill Brooks

Poker Party Chair

Ariana Cornidez

Public Relations Chair

Elisa Ross

Silent Auction Chair

Melissa Gibbons

Social Media Chair

Krystal Popov

Spring Event Chair

Veronica McCutcheon

Strategic Planning Chair

Shelene Taylor

Committee Chairs

Advisory Board

Vickie Butler

Attendance & Arrangements

Parisa Arabshahi

Ball Casino Games

Mary Schepelmann

Ball Casino Gifts Co-Chair

Shawna Henderson

Ball Casino Gifts Display

Nooshin Hashemzadeh

Ball Casino Gifts Purchasing

Cindy Robertson

Ball Cuisine

Nancy Miniat

Ball Decor

Denise Newton

Ball Entertainment

Pattie Feder

Ball Favors

Anne Simek

Ball Invitation Design

Kristie Stevens

Ball Invitations & Mailing

Trisa Schorr & Carla Keegan

Ball Reservations and Seating

Mitra Shahi

Ball Tear Down

Carrie Stigers

Ball Volunteers

Kate Breck Calhoun


Kelly Medvec

CCU Coordinator

Tracy Gaspari

CCU Donor Recognition

Melissa Almquist

CCU Grants & Foundations

Stacey Spink-Cohen

CCU Planned Giving

Adaline Klemmedson

CCU Tribute Cards

Kate Breck Calhoun

CCU Triple Halo Liaison

Erin Vincent

Chance Ticket Co-Chair

Peggy Lemen

Charity Selection Coordinator

Karla Looby

Community Newsletter

Darlene Twiss

Computer Chair

Gail Brown

DEI Co-Chair

Cathy Hutchens

Investment Oversight Management

Adaline Klemmedson

Member Newsletter

Michelle Ripley

Membership Directory

Becky Rebenstorf


Margaret Maxwell

Poker Party Co-Chairs

Kendra Gibbons & Emily Schaefer

Printing Chair

Lani Baker

Public Relations Co-Chair

Laura Feemster

Silent Auction Co-Chair

Melissa Mitchell

Social Chair

Jeanne Silverberg

Spring Event Co-Chairs

Brittany Smith & Sarah Rosalik


Sara Habib


Administrative Assistant

DeVon Bronson

Advisory Board

Ginny Clements

Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc., Retired

Bill Cox

Coxco Corporation, Retired

Roxanna Green

The Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation

Michael Hannley

Meridian Wealth Management

George Larsen

Larsen Baker LLC

Clint Mabie

Northern Trust

John Payne

Sterling Investment Management, LLC

Leslie Perls

Creative Marketing Consulting

Dev Sethi

Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi PLLC

Louise Thomas

Events Made Special, Inc

Steve Bush

TMC, Retired

Michelle Tong

Tucson Electric Power

In Remembrance

Millie Economidis

1987 Vice Chair & Guardian Angel

Jane Loew Sharples

1983 Vice Chair
& Founding Member

Nancy Rodolph

1989 Vice Chair & Guardian Angel

Carol Stern

1988 General Chair

Patricia Arida

1991 General Chair

Cindy Barrett

1995 Vice Chair

Margaret Larsen

2005 General Chair & Guardian Angel

List of Past General and Vice Chairs 1983 - Present