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Large Grant Beneficiaries

Youth On Their Own (YOTO), $750,000

To fund renovation of its new headquarters to ensure their location is safe for youth and enables the expanded delivery of their mission to help youth experiencing homelessness to stay in school and graduate.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Southern Arizona, $388,000

To help support the Ending the Silence program for middle and high school students to learn about mental illness and make a meaningful difference in the mental health of our youth.

Total Large Grants = $1,138,000

Small Grant Beneficiaries

Boys to Men Tucson, $77,900

To support a Healthy Intergenerational Masculinity Initiative to provide weekly group mentorship circles, led by adult male mentors, to allow at-risk boys to genuinely express themselves and share their hopes and struggles. It will serve 700 boys at 25 middle and high schools and community centers, improving their chances to succeed, and making our community safer.

El Rio Health Center Foundation, $50,000

To help launch a new Youth Mental Health Pilot Program at Tucson’s largest provider of health services. The pandemic has escalated the need for behavioral – mental health services for youth suffering from anxiety, depression, and behavior problems. The program will serve 200-300 youth ages 12-18 who lack resources to obtain treatment elsewhere.

Junior Achievement of Arizona, $50,000

To expand the JA Anywhere program to reach 1,400 low income, diverse students in kindergarten – 12th grade, and prepare them to succeed in work and life. The program will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money, plan for their future, and make smart academic, career and economic choices.

Nourish, $25,000

To provide therapy and dietician services to young children with feeding challenges caused by medical problems such as prematurity, heart issues, autism, gastrointestinal difficulties, or cleft lip or palate. Seventy-nine families that cannot afford the needed services or specialized therapy equipment will be helped.

TMC Foundation, $50,300

To purchase a state-of-the-art incubator and radiant warmer bed for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Tucson’s largest nonprofit, community hospital. The Giraffe Omnibed Carestation has advanced technology to provide care and mimic the mother’s womb while premature newborn babies grow and develop. The existing incubator bed has been used for years and needs to be replaced.

Tucson Girls Chorus, $10,000

To provide scholarships to allow low-income girls in kindergarten – 12th grade to participate in choral education that fosters leadership, personal growth, and a sense of belonging regardless of abilities or socio-economic background. Through music participation in one of eleven choirs and many performances, singers boost confidence, cultivate compassion, and gain a sense of belonging that affirms their voice matters.

YWCA Southern Arizona, $25,000

To support the Teen Court Program by modernizing technology and supporting programming. Teen Court is a peer-led juvenile court diversion program where teen volunteers are trained to conduct hearings and sentence youth ages 12-17 that were arrested for minor crimes to restorative justice. The arrested youth avoid incarceration, and the youth volunteers receive education on the legal process.

Total Small Grants = $288,200

Total Large & Small Grants = $1,426,200

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