Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Active Guards:
Margaret Larsen
Cheryl Cox
Adaline Klemmedson
Angel Ball Chair:
Dawn Darling
Capital Campaign/Underwriting:
Donna Crawford
Chair Elect:
Karen Farrell
Communications Chair:
Kellie Terhune Neely
Events Chair:
Laura Buckelew
General Chairman:
Adriana Rincon
Immediate Past Treasurer:
Vickie Butler
Jill Brooks
Member Liaison:
Deanna Miles
Operations Chair:
Stacey Spink
Past Chair:
Paige Cogdall
Recording Secretary:
Jeannie Nguyen
Solicitations Chair:
Kelly Medvec
Vicky Curtis
Vice Chairman:
Kristie Stevens

Ex Officio

Founding Chairman & Guardian Angel Emeritus
Louise Thomas
Guardian Angel Emeritus
Nancy Rodolph

Committee Chairs

Advisory Board
Cheryl Cox
A & A
Emily Schaefer
Ball Casino Games
Mary Ann Penzcar
Ball Cuisine
Judy Berman
Ball Decor
Nanci Berens
Ball Entertainment
Pattie Feder
Ball Favors
Claudia Levin
Ball Invitation Design
DeeAnne Gibbons
Ball Invitations and Mailing
Anne Simek
Ball Reservations and Seating
GinaMarie Slattery and Beth Naughton
Ball Volunteers
Phyllis Capp
Casino Gifts Display
Michelle Brown
Casino Gifts Purchasing
Julie Lopez
Community Newsletter
Margaret Maxwell
Corresponding Secretary
Pattie Feder
Donor Recognition
Donna Brammer
Endowment Oversight
Nancy Rodolph
In Kind Coordinator
Grace Nave
Membership Directory
Jennifer Coyle
Member Newsletter
Amber Adil
Social Chair
Jeanne Silverberg
Social Media
Kellie Terhune Neely
Tributes and Donor Cards
Joyce Roughton
Website Liaison
Jennifer Coyle

Board of Directors

Assistant Treasurer:
Cathy Solverson
Ball Operations:
Betty Jo Weaver
Casino Gifts:
Karla Looby
Chance Tickets Chair:
Mary Schepelmann
Charity Selection Chair:
Melissa Almquist
Cherub Liaison:
Paige Cogdall and Kim Kimbriel
Computer Chair:
Anne Simek
Finance Chair:
Vicky Curtis
Guardian Council Chair:
Vickie Butler
Ferrum Wallace
Marketing Chair:
Cathie Batbie-Loucks
Nominating Chair:
Wendy Marquez
Poker Party Chair:
Mary Lou Martin
Silent Auction Chair:
Laura Feemster
Spring Event Chair:
Marci Saffer
Strategic Planning Chair:
Shelene Taylor