2019 Board of Directors and Committees

General Chair:                                                               Paige Cogdall

Vice Chair:                                                                      Shawndee Berwick

Capital Campaign/Underwriting Co-Chairs:              Kellie Terhune Neely

Cathie Batbie-Loucks

Treasurer:                                                                       Vickie Butler

Events Chair:                                                                 Donna Crawford

Communications Chair:                                              Kim Kimbriel

Member-at-Large/Parliamentarian:                      Joyce Roughton

Solicitations Chair:                                                       Betty Jo Weaver

Operations Chair:                                                         Deanna Miles

Member Liaison:                                                          Jill Brooks

Recording Secretary:                                                   Anne Simek

Past Chair:                                                                      Carla Keegan

Chair Elect:                                                                     Adriana Rincon

Active Guards:                                                              Margaret Larsen

Cheryl Cox

Adaline Klemmedson

Ex Officio:

Founding Chairman &

 Guardian Angel Emeritus                                          Louise Thomas

Guardian Angel Emeritus                                           Nancy Rodolph

Guardian Council:                                                        Olivia Sethi

Strategic Planning:                                                       Shelene Taylor

Assistant Treasurer:                                                     Vicky Curtis

Legal:                                                                               Ferrum Wallace

The Big Deal:                                                                  Jeannie Nguyen

Special Event/BBB:                                                      Laura Buckelew

Ball Operations:                                                            Lia Pierce

Ball Design:                                                                    Pattie Feder

Marketing/PR:                                                              Cathie Batbie-Loucks

Gifts:                                                                                Margaret Maxwell

Chance Tickets:                                                             Mary Coelet

Charity Selection:                                                         Melissa Almquist

Information Systems/Technology:                         Christine Turner/Elisa Ross

Cherub Liaison:                                                             Erin Vincent

Nominating:                                                                   Lynne Wood Dusenberry

Advisory Board:                                                          Cheryl Cox


Committee Chairs

A & A                                                                             Lisa Yurkanin

Ball Casino Games                                                      Mary Ann Penczar

Ball Operations and Design                                      Pattie Feder

Ball Evening Coordinator                                          Lia Pierce                                      

Ball Volunteers                                                           Rachel Sattinger